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West Virginia School for the Blind

Goal Ball

Welcome to Goal Ball. Goal Ball is an early Spring Sport, practice begins in February. It is a part of the EAAB (Eastern Athletic Association for the Blind). Goal Ball is a sport for Blind Athletes which originated in 1946 and was created by Hans Lorenzen and Sepp Reindle for use of rehabilitation of World War II Veterans whom became Blind/Visually Impaired as a result of the War. It became a sport in the Paralympics during 1976. Two teams of three compete against one another with each member guarding their goal/net. The athletes are blind folded and the teams alternate rolling the ball to the opposition. The Goal Ball itself has a bell on the inside for the competitors to hear where the ball is rolling and to block it when it goes near their goal. When the ball bypasses the opponent into the goal, the team gets a point.